Engola World: an interview with the founders of the English app

In this article, journalist Roland Sebestyén speaks to Jonathan Bennett and Tamás Vámosi, the two founders of Engola World, a new company and English app. Read on to find out why they made the app, why it could be a game changer and … Continue Reading

Teaching English

What makes a great English teacher? Check out our ideas.

Do you know a great English teacher? Today we are going to talk about what makes a great English teacher. All of us have had an inspirational teacher: someone who makes you want to learn as much as you can … Continue Reading

speaking languages

What’s the secret to learning languages? You might not like the answer!

Everybody wants to know the secret to learning languages. I myself have thought about it for many years. You see all of these adverts everywhere: “Learn Chinese in three weeks!” “Easy Hungarian Study”, “Improve Your English in Your Sleep!” Is … Continue Reading

most popular verb

What are the five most common English verbs? We have the answer!

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Why does English have irregular verbs? Find out now!

Like many languages, English has a lot of irregular verbs, and they are not easy to learn. Many English learners spend many hours practicing them, while even native speakers get them wrong from time to time. If you’ve ever found … Continue Reading

Five ideas on how to learn English – take a look now!

A lot of people ask me how to learn English. Sometimes they ask how long it takes to learn English. The simple answer is: “It depends!” It depends on what you like to do, how you learn and how often … Continue Reading