How testing Engola World helped me pass my IELTS exam

Engola World can not only help you speak better English but also to pass exams. We already have our first use case! So let Roland Sebestyén from Budapest tell you how testing Engola World helped him pass the IELTS exam. … Continue Reading

In English, why is the plural of ‘you’, ‘you’?

In most languages, it is easy to know if someone is talking to one or more people. Even in English, we say ‘I’ and ‘we’, ‘it’ and ‘they’. So why is the plural form of ‘you’, ‘you’? Read on to … Continue Reading

What’s the difference between the past simple and the past participle?

Us English teachers always want our students to know the past simple and the past participle forms of a verb, sometimes known as V2 and V3. But what are they exactly and when do we use them? Let’s take a … Continue Reading

What’s the best thing about speaking English?

Whether you’re an English learner or an English teacher, you are sure to have asked yourself at one point or another: What is the point of it all? Why does speaking English even matter anyway?! Roland Sebestyén gives his personal … Continue Reading

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What’s the secret to learning languages? You might not like the answer!

Everybody wants to know the secret to learning languages. I myself have thought about it for many years. You see all of these adverts everywhere: “Learn Chinese in three weeks!” “Easy Hungarian Study”, “Improve Your English in Your Sleep!” Is … Continue Reading

Five ideas on how to learn English – take a look now!

A lot of people ask me how to learn English. Sometimes they ask how long it takes to learn English. The simple answer is: “It depends!” It depends on what you like to do, how you learn and how often … Continue Reading