What’s the difference between the past simple and the past participle?

Us English teachers always want our students to know the past simple and the past participle forms of a verb, sometimes known as V2 and V3. But what are they exactly and when do we use them? Let’s take a … Continue Reading

What’s the best thing about speaking English?

Whether you’re an English learner or an English teacher, you are sure to have asked yourself at one point or another: What is the point of it all? Why does speaking English even matter anyway?! Roland Sebestyén gives his personal … Continue Reading

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What’s the secret to learning languages? You might not like the answer!

Everybody wants to know the secret to learning languages. I myself have thought about it for many years. You see all of these adverts everywhere: “Learn Chinese in three weeks!” “Easy Hungarian Study”, “Improve Your English in Your Sleep!” Is … Continue Reading

Five ideas on how to learn English – take a look now!

A lot of people ask me how to learn English. Sometimes they ask how long it takes to learn English. The simple answer is: “It depends!” It depends on what you like to do, how you learn and how often … Continue Reading