What’s the difference between the past simple and the past participle?

Us English teachers always want our students to know the past simple and the past participle forms of a verb, sometimes known as V2 and V3. But what are they exactly and when do we use them? Let’s take a … Continue Reading

most popular verb

What are the five most common English verbs? We have the answer!

Have you ever wondered what the five most common verbs in the English language are? Well, now you can find out! In reverse order, here are the most common English verbs! 5. Get Get can be used to say almost … Continue Reading

Why does English have irregular verbs? Find out now!

Like many languages, English has a lot of irregular verbs, and they are not easy to learn. Many English learners spend many hours practicing them, while even native speakers get them wrong from time to time. If you’ve ever found … Continue Reading