Engola World grammar app on desk

We have an official launch date for Engola World: 16 September 2019

So, we have decided on an official launch date for Engola World. There’s no turning back now! Designing an app is not an easy process, especially when you are bootstrapping the whole thing. We have been working on Engola World for nearly two years, and there have been times when we wondered if we would ever finish it at all. But now, finally, we have a launch date: 16 September 2019, less than three weeks away. (Yes, we are panicking.)

Where can I download it?

We are going to be listing it on Google Play and the Appstore. We will post the addresses on our website and social media channels on launch day.

How much is it?

Free, of course! At least two thirds of it, anyway. There will be premium content available for USD 1 a month or USD 5 a year.

Why has it taken so long?!

We decided to make it in our spare time with absolutely no funding – we wanted to have complete control. This is not easy or fast, but it is quite a lot of fun. Finding a launch date for Engola World was also pretty hard. A friend once told me that software is never really ‘finished’, but sooner or later you have to dive in!

Why do I want it?
  1. Easy-to-understand grammar explanations and tests
  2. Teacher-student communication
  3. Effortless guided learning





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