Engola World can not only help you speak better English but also to pass exams. We already have our first use case! So let Roland Sebestyén from Budapest tell you how testing Engola World helped him pass the IELTS exam.

Does Engola World help? Boy, does it. Guess what, even if you are on the verge of becoming an advanced student, this app can still help you improve your English. Let me tell you what happened when I was asked to test the Premium version of Engola after failing my IELTS first time around. But before that, you should know where it all began.


I applied to the prestigious MA Journalism course at the University of Sheffield in March of this year, but by that time I had already started studying for an international English language exam. The university application requires a band 7 out of 9 in each component – reading, listening, writing and speaking – of the well-known, and feared, International English Language Test System (IELTS).

Sheffield Uni

I was desperate to pass the IELTS, and worked almost half a year with the co-founder of Engola, Jonathan (Johnny to his friends). However, even though I got a band 7.5 overall on my first exam, I came up short on writing (6.5) and speaking (6.5).


It was a blow, but I was sure this failure was just bad luck. If you get a band 7, you’re advanced, and I had band 7.5 overall, so I knew I was basically an advanced student. I told everybody that I picked the wrong day to have a bad day. That’s all, no biggie. But even though I was calm outside, on the inside I was furious. I took it as a personal offence when I only got 6.5 for my speaking part. Under pressure, you make mistakes, I repeated over and over. Boy, was I annoyed.

Johny and I talked a lot about it, and it turned out I just wasn’t ready. The difference between a 6.5 and a band 7 is larger than it seems. In order to get a 7, you really have be as accurate as possible. Now I know I just had simply made too many minor errors. The funny thing is, the more days passed, the more mistakes I could remember.



grammar test

Johny then asked me to take part in the Beta test phase of his English language app, Engola World. Every day, I studied with it for hours and hours because I really wanted to be a good tester. Though I didn’t realise it at first, slowly but surely I was learning and becoming more confident in some of my least favourite topics such as the conditionals and the perfect tenses.

I had studied English in the classroom for 12 years. Since then, as a journalist, I’ve been working with the language for another five years. So it’s 17 years all together now, but the whole time no one was patient enough to explain the grammar to me properly. This app, with clear examples and short descriptions, took only a few minutes to explain really difficult topics. I did each test at the end of the lessons, and after one or two tries I had no errors at all. Johny even mentioned in our lessons that I was making far fewer errors than before.


Engola World

I had only one thing to do on my second attempt at the IELTS in May: be calm. I used second and third conditionals during my speech and essays with absolute confidence. The result: a band 7 on speaking and writing. My conditional offer from Sheffield Uni changed immediately to unconditional, so I’ll start the autumn semester in England. I still have plenty to learn, of course, but now I will have the chance to do it and fulfil a lifelong dream at the same time.

Sure, I’m a bit biased. But I can definitely say that this app helped me a lot. All it took was a few taps on my phone. There is no doubt that Engola World will make you a better English speaker.

NB: if you are interested in testing the app, please write to jonathan.bennett@engola.world.com





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