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So we made an English learning app that cannot teach you English. Why is that?

We believe you cannot learn English from an app, just like you can’t learn to drive by playing Gran Turismo. If you want to speak a language, then the best way is to speak it with somebody, anybody!

And if you want to understand a language, the best thing is to find a great teacher. Technology can never replace your teacher. Face-to-face contact and real situations are essential. Language is all about communication with other humans, after all!

Even your teacher deserves a break

showing battery life of teacher

So why did we make an English learning app? Because your teacher cannot do everything. They cannot follow you home (we hope!), stand over your desk and make sure you do your homework. They are actually pretty busy people! Some of them even have social lives 🙂

So they need a little help. We made Engola World to help you learn outside the classroom. We want to give you 100-200 hours of extra English practice and help you perfect your grammar.

What’s so special about Engola World?

learning English Engola World

But there are already hundreds of English learning apps out there. Why do you need another one?

  1. Guided learning: For each grammar topic, we offer clear and simple explanations. Then, if you make a mistake, just click on the question mark and the app will tell you where you went wrong and how to fix it! 🙂
  2. A true study guide: We wanted to make an easy-to-use ‘grammar book’ so you can check whatever you want, whenever your want. To make it clearer, we divided the topics into different levels. For example, if you’re an intermediate student and you’re studying the present perfect, you can search for present perfect topics at B1 and B2 level in the app.
  3. The network: We also added a social element. Your teacher can create classes and send you homework via the app. But watch out, they can also check your results! And if you get stuck, you can ask them a question via the message function. With Engola, you’re not alone.

Engola World is a little app to help you on your way. English learning made simple. Just don’t expect it to teach you English! 🙂

Engola World is in the beta testing phase. It will be published very soon. For updates, subscribe to our newsletter or check our Facebook page.

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